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Find Your Dream Job: Insider Tips for Finding Work, Advancing your Career, and Loving Your Job

Nov 4, 2015

Sometimes you take a job solely for the paycheck. But, at its best, work is about more than just financial advancement. A rewarding job engages you in a personal way, drawing on your strengths and passions, and challenging you with interesting, meaningful projects.

The key to landing a “dream job” is understanding your own interests, abilities, and needs. Only when you know what you truly want from from work will you able able to target the job opportunities most likely to make you happy.

Are you clear about what you want from your job?

This week on Find Your Dream Job Mac talks with Aubrie De Clerck, a Portland-based career coach, about how to focus get clear about your work goals. Aubrie believes that everyone can have a career that feels authentic and purposeful. When job seekers identify the the work-life elements they most value, it creates a focused roadmap for meaningful work.  

In this 29-minute episode you will learn:

  • Practical steps to help you discover (and focus) what you want from a job
  • Why a focused job search is better than “keeping your options open”
  • Tools for exploring your personal and professional strengths
  • Why it’s OK to not have all the answers--and admit it to others

This week’s guest:

Aubrie De Clerck (@AubrieDeClerck)
Principal, Coaching for Clarity
Portland, Ore.

Listener question of the week:

  • How can I determine if a job is the right fit for me?

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