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Find Your Dream Job: Insider Tips for Finding Work, Advancing your Career, and Loving Your Job

Jan 6, 2016

“Wing it” and “job interview” are two phrases that should never go together in the same sentence. Before you walk into an interview, you need to prepare yourself, do your homework, and practice what you will do and say.

But how do you prepare responses when you don’t know the questions? And what, besides having good answers, contributes to a successful interview?

This week on Find Your Dream Job we talk about the interview process and share tips on making a great in-person impression with a prospective employer. Mac chats with executive recruiter and career coach, Janet Brumbaugh, of Janet Brumbaugh and Associates. Janet helps her clients hone their interview skills by video-recording them in mock-interviews; she then reviews the tape with the jobseeker, to identify mistakes and opportunities for improvement. In this episode, Janet shares her expert advice on how to your own interview performance and outcomes.

In this 33-minute episode you will learn:

  • The specific research you should do before an interview
  • What employers are looking for during the interview process
  • How to make the interview less of an interrogation and more of a back-and-forth conversation
  • The questions you, as the candidate, should be asking at the interview
  • How to respond to oddball interview questions

This week’s guest:

Janet Brumbaugh (LinkedIn)
Janet Brumbaugh and Associates
West Lynn, Ore.

Listener question of the week: 

  • What questions should I ask an employer in an interview?

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