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Find Your Dream Job: Insider Tips for Finding Work, Advancing your Career, and Loving Your Job

Mar 15, 2017

"What do you do for a living?" It's a question you probably get often, especially when meeting new people. What you say matters a lot, says this week's guest expert, Christina Canters. Your answer may lead to your next job or it can help you move up in your career.

Because the question is so common, however, most people don’t give it much thought. They simply spit out their title and then stop. Christina says a title doesn’t give the other person anything to respond to. A better answer to "what do you do" can be a starting point to a more engaging conversation.

Christina offers these tips when sharing what you do:

  1. When speaking with people outside your field, explain your job in language and metaphors that are easily understandable.
  2. Explain who you help in your job--and how you might be able to help the person you're speaking with.
  3. Add a fun fact about your work just after your title.

If you're currently unemployed and looking for work, use the "what do you do" question as an opportunity. Put a positive spin on your situation by saying “I’m looking for new opportunities at the moment. I’m looking to help or do…”

Christina also emphasizes the importance of confidence when explaining your job.  If you don’t come across as confident in yourself, why would anyone else be confident in you?

Her tips for projecting confidence include:

  • Get into a positive state-of-mind before you arrive at an event or presentation.
  • Do power poses to put yourself in a positive physical state.
  • Watch your language and remove the words “just a” before your title.

This Weeks Guest: Christina Canters

Christina Canters is a communication skills speaker, coach and host of the podcast, Stand Out, Get Noticed. Her website, the CMethod, helps ambitious professionals become more effective and confident when they speak, present and pitch. An engaging speaker, Christina has wowed audiences at organizations and conferences around the world with her passion, humor, and the occasional ukulele song.

Resource of the Week

Ben’s resource this week is the blog post Why Are Job Titles Important to Your Career? from The Balance. Titles are an important part of the compensation management system. The article includes common job titles and descriptions of what the job title includes.

Listener Question of the Week

Jessica, Ben, and Mac offer advice to Abbey Pendley who is looking for guidance about mentioning ongoing freelance work to a possible new full-time employer?

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