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Find Your Dream Job: Insider Tips for Finding Work, Advancing your Career, and Loving Your Job

Aug 15, 2018

With today’s competitive job market, submitting your resume online to recruiters can sometimes feel like throwing it into a black hole. However, there’s a better way to highlight your skills, select strategic keywords, and build a better resume that will attract recruiters who are hiring. Tarunum Khan, certified career strategist shares how to get started.

About Our Guest: Taranum Khan

Taranum Khan, Ph. D is a Certified Career Strategist and Ambassador, Career Professionals of Canada. In 2017 she received the nomination for Award of Excellence as an "Outstanding Career Professional.”

Her passion is creating a positive impact on career and academic journey of the lives she touches, locally and globally. Every conversation with her is uplifting and inspiring as she inverts the focus for you to rediscover the strengths within you!

Resources in this Episode:

  • New tool: False expectations can be holding you back from finding your next career. The Ladders shares 8 unrealistic expectations that smart people ignore:
  • Listener question: Terry Williamson from Eugene, Oregon asks “Here's my job search pet peeve: When you're applying for a job online and they ask you to upload a resume. But then they also ask you to re-enter all of the information from your resume into separate ‘work history’ fields. Why do companies do this?”
  • More from our guest: Connect with Taranum on LinkedIn ( and Twitter (