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Find Your Dream Job: Insider Tips for Finding Work, Advancing your Career, and Loving Your Job

Aug 8, 2018

You might think that every job posting is a list of facts about the position. That’s a mistake, according to Justin Dux, CareerCloud Radio podcast host. If you learn to read between the lines you can become a more competitive candidate and stand out from dozens of other applicants.

About Our Guest: Justin Dux

Justin Dux hosts CareerCloud Radio, a podcast for job seekers that began in 2007. He regularly interviews job hunting experts who offer useful and actionable tips. And he is proud graduate of the Twin Cities campus of the University of Minnesota.

Resources in this Episode:

  • New tool: Vermont is offering $10,000 to remote workers who move to the state:
  • Listener question: Leonard Bryan from West Linn, Oregon asks: “A lot of people talk about finding an employer that offers a good work-life balance. How do you define work-life balance? What is your advice for finding employers who match your definition?”
  • More from our guest: