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Find Your Dream Job: Insider Tips for Finding Work, Advancing your Career, and Loving Your Job

Dec 18, 2019

Do you see sales as something that only certain jobs require? Does the thought of selling give you less than pleasant feelings? If so, Find Your Dream Job guest Matt Youngquist says you need to change your mindset in order to find a great position. The job market isn’t always fair, so learning how to market yourself successfully is equally as important as possessing the skills for the job. Matt shares the five sales mantras you can use to sell yourself more effectively in an interview.

About Our Guest:

Matt Youngquist ( is a Seattle-based career coach and job hunting expert with over 25 years of experience helping professionals navigate through today's uncharted employment waters. As President of Career Horizons (, he consults with clients at all levels on how to strategically manage their careers, explore their occupational options, and market themselves successfully to new opportunities.

Resources in This Episode:

  • For more information on the career services Matt offers, visit
  • If you wait for employers to bring up salary, you’re wasting your time and energy. My guide, How to Talk About Money in an Interview, shows you how to do salary research before meeting with a hiring manager. Learn how to be more comfortable talking about money and get the tools you need to ask for a higher salary. Go to