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Find Your Dream Job: Insider Tips for Finding Work, Advancing your Career, and Loving Your Job

Jul 10, 2017

Do you know what is going to make you happy and fulfilled in your next role?

On today’s bonus episode of Find Your Dream Job, Scott Barlow, Founder of Happen to Your Career and host of the Happen to Your Career Podcast, identifies the four key traits that lead to career happiness. Scott also illustrates how clarity in these areas builds a framework for a successful job search.

The 4 Key Traits you must have to find happiness and fulfillment in your job are:

  1. Helping people — Most people want to know how the work they do helps others.
  2. Your basic needs must be met.
  3. Your work must be engaging, and you must have a clear understanding of how you are doing.
  4. You must have supportive co-workers and a leader.

If you approach your career as if you are putting together a puzzle, and start with your strengths as the corner pieces, and then add the outside pieces, which are your wants and values, you will have the framework of your ideal career profile.

Scott and his team at Happen to Your Career have put together “The Ultimate Guide to Using Your Strengths to Get Hired.” Find Your Dream Job listeners can download this resource for free at

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