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Find Your Dream Job: Insider Tips for Finding Work, Advancing your Career, and Loving Your Job

Feb 22, 2017

LinkedIn is the dominant social media platform for professional networking, and employers have taken notice. Nearly 80% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates.  They are searching for specific skills and when they find the right fit, they won't hesitate to reach out--even if the person isn't actively looking for work.

If you've never been contacted by an employer on LinkedIn, you might not be using the right job titles and keywords in your profile. This week's guest expert, Marc Miller, argues that you've got to optimize your LinkedIn profile to make it easy for employers to find you. He explains how to use keywords in your job title, summary and headline that an employer would use is key.

Marc shares how to use tools like Tag Cloud or Wordle to identify the keywords that most resonate with prospective employers. Then he identifies explains exactly where to use these keywords in your LinkedIn profile.

His most important point: take advantage of all the available space in your 120-character headline and the 180-character job title. These are the most searched fields on LinkedIn. If you're leaving white space in those areas, you're missing a huge opportunity!

This Week's Guest: Marc Miller

Marc Miller has worked at IBM, taught high school math, and had a near fatal bicycle accident that changed his perspective forever. Marc credits his varied career with teaching him a vital lesson: Most people don’t know what makes them happy. Marc now helps others — especially Baby Boomers — find careers that they can grow into for the decades that lie ahead on Career Pivot.

Marc’s updated Repurpose Your Career book is available for pre-order on March 15, 2017, and his Repurpose Your Career Podcast episodes are released every Monday.

Resource of the Week

Ben’s resource this week is the article titled, "LinkedIn Profile: First Person or Third Person?" There is no empirical data on which is the correct version, but the Mac’s List team, and many people on LinkedIn, prefer the use of first person on the social media platform.

Listener Question of the Week

Jenna, Ben, and Mac offer advice to Gregory Rouse who is looking for guidance on how to talk about being fired.

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