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Find Your Dream Job: Insider Tips for Finding Work, Advancing your Career, and Loving Your Job

May 24, 2017

As a job seeker, you need both a resume and a LinkedIn profile. These two documents shouldn’t be mirror images of each other. Each has their own particular purpose and, together, they function as a complimentary review of your work history.

Your LinkedIn profile is a broad overview of what your professional value proposition is. Your resume should be customized around particular job opportunity. It’s important to use keywords from the job posting in your resume so when the hiring manager knows you are familiar with the language and the culture of the opportunity.

Our guest expert this week is recruiter and career coach, 
Ed Han. Ed says you need to be consistent when talking about yourself online and in your resume, but that you need to customize each piece.

Here are two areas where your resume and LinkedIn profiles should differ:

  • Keywords: On LinkedIn, you should use industry-specific keywords. (What search terms would an average recruiter or hiring manager be searching for when they’re looking for someone with your skills. In your resume, mimic the keywords and language found in the job description. (The terms that are most likely to get you past the company’s applicant tracking system.)
  • Accomplishments: In LinkedIn, you should list your biggest accomplishments in the summary section or headline, as these are the most commonly read parts of your profile. On your resume, each accomplishment should be associated with the relevant job.

Ed also recommends having a master resume with a complete inventory of your work, educational experience, and accomplishments. It makes customizing a resume for a specific opportunity easier, and you can see all of your amazing accomplishments at a glance.

This Week’s Guest: Ed Han

Ed Han is a recruiter with a passion for networking and helping people put their professional best foot forward, especially on LinkedIn. His own career includes stints with a major Wall Street firm, an international fashion brand, and a publishing company. You can find Ed Han on LinkedIn or at his Land Faster job search and support Facebook group.

This Week’s Job Search Resource

Ben’s shares a blog post from LinkedIn: 101 Great Words to Use in Your Resume (and 5 to Avoid) by Mike Figliuolo.

This Week’s Listener Question

Jessica, Ben, and Mac answer Darroch Cahen’s question: “How do I pursue a dual
career, both professionally and on LinkedIn?”

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