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Find Your Dream Job: Insider Tips for Finding Work, Advancing your Career, and Loving Your Job

Jun 14, 2017

If you’re ready to find a new job but want to stay in your current company while you look for a better opportunity, you need to engage in a thoughtful and sensitive “stealth” job search. You don’t want your boss finding out that you’ve already got one foot out the door!

Recruiter, Bernie Reifkind, reminds job seekers to “trust no one” with their plan to seek employment elsewhere. Even co-workers who have become close friends should not know about your plans. If the information were to slip out, you could be terminated from your current position.

If you are networking as part of your job search (and you should be!) Bernie recommends using certain phrases which subtly imply you are in the market for new opportunities. He also recommends asking others to respect your confidentiality.

A confidential candidate resume is one way to send your resume to respective employers while keeping your personal data hidden. Make sure your resume is world-class, then replace your name with “Confidential Candidate,” set up a new email account and remove any and all personal information.

During a stealth job search:

  • Lock down your LinkedIn with privacy options.
  • Keep your activities private from your current colleagues.
  • Never use a company computer to search.
  • Be cautious about responding to blind job postings.

Our Guest for This Episode: Bernie Reifkind

Bernie Reifkind is the founder of Premier Search, Inc. His company offers career counseling, strategic planning, and executive recruitment services for clients in healthcare and other industries. His clients include CEOs, mid-career managers, and recent graduates.

Bernie is about to launch a new website for C-Suite executives. You can find out more by following @Guru2Interview on Twitter, or connecting with him on LinkedIn.

Ben’s Job Search Resource: Employee Referrals

Ben’s resource this week references one of the most powerful tools you can have while searching for a job: an internal referral. The U.S. News blog post, 7 Things You Should Know About Employee Referrals, describes why an employee referral increases your chances at getting the job.

Find Your Dream Job Listener Question: “Cold Resumes”

Becky, Ben and Mac offer advice to Melody Dawn, from Portland, who wants to know: How can I make my “cold resume” stand out from the stack of applications?

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