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Find Your Dream Job: Insider Tips for Finding Work, Advancing your Career, and Loving Your Job

Jul 19, 2017

Informational interviews are a fairly recent strategy in the search for a new career. The application process and job searches of the past were more formal endeavors. As a job seeker, this new adaptation gives you more networking opportunities than were available before.

Consider your existing network and divide it into two categories:

  1. Your strong ties — People you immediately think of as business connections.
  2. Your weak ties — People who are separated from you by a few degrees.
  3. Friends of friends, for example, can become a great career resource.

When working to build your network, guest expert Kate Gremillion recommends asking your strong ties this question: “Knowing my interests and knowing what I want to be doing in my career, who would you suggest I speak with?” She says people genuinely enjoy helping other people, so this is a great place to start.

Checking LinkedIn connections of people who have influence at a company you want to work for is another great tip. These “weak” ties can turn into strong connections if you approach them in a professional manner.

Once you’ve landed an informational interview with a contact it’s important to:

  • Allow the other person to chose the method of communication.
  • Prepare 3-5 actions the person could do to help you if they ask.
  • Take a genuine interest in the other person by listening more and talking less.

This Week’s Guest: Kate Gremillion

Kate Gremillion is Founder & CEO of Mavenly + Co.  Her firm offers group workshops, corporate training courses, and coaching programs. These services give young women the tools, resources and mindset they need to create careers and lifestyles with purpose.

Kate also hosts the weekly podcast, Women, Work, and Worth. And her advice has been featured in publications like Forbes, Fortune, Business Insider, and HerAgenda. In her new program, Crafting Your Career, Kate works with clients to make their ideal career path a reality.

Ben’s Job Search Resource: Great Networking Emails

Ben’s resource this week is from the job research site The Muse. Here Are the Subject Lines That’ll Get Your Networking Emails Opened — Every Time.

Find Your Dream Job Listener Question: LinkedIn Signals

Becky, Ben, Jessica, and Mac offer advice to Stephen Walden from Salem, Illinois. Stephen asks:

“How do you redo your LinkedIn profile to reflect your new interests without drawing the attention of your current employer?”

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