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Find Your Dream Job: Insider Tips for Finding Work, Advancing your Career, and Loving Your Job

Sep 20, 2017

If you're considering a career change, play to your strengths. Highlight what you’re already good at - those skills that will help you contribute right away - and show people that you’re willing to learn the rest! Guest expert Danna Redmond encourages career changers to create a plan, but also be open to opportunities that come up naturally over time. It’s important to be ready to go into something new without every step clearly outlined.

Start with a couple best practices:

  • Network! Let people know you’re interested in a new career path, and ask questions.
  • Assess your skillset. Don’t pigeonhole yourself into your existing area of expertise. Think about the skills that make you an expert, and ask how you can apply those in other areas.

Our Guest for This Episode: Danna Redmond

Danna Redmond is hosts the podcast, The Career Cue. She has a passion for helping people turn career goals and dreams into reality. Danna is an accomplished business leader. She worked for almost 20 years for Fortune 50 Companies.

Ben’s Job Search Resource: Career Change Tips

Did you know that 93% of people who wanted to change roles ended up leaving their current employer to do so? Check out this research from Gallup: When Making Career Moves, Americans Switch Companies. And if you want to switch careers without switching companies, read the tips from Forbes in Career Change By Staying Put: How To Make A Lateral Move Within The Same Company.

Find Your Dream Job Listener Question: Taking a Pay Cut?

This week’s question is perfect for the subject of today’s episode. It comes from Nick Macchio of Holtsville, New York:

“I listen to a lot of career podcasts and read a lot of articles and the one thing that's always missing is: how do you make that career change/pivot when you're established and have a family to support but can't afford a pay cut. I think that's one of the biggest challenges. It's actually the ONE thing that prevents me from switching careers in hopes of finding work I enjoy.”

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