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Find Your Dream Job: Insider Tips for Finding Work, Advancing your Career, and Loving Your Job

Jan 21, 2021

In most job interviews, the hiring manager will lead with questions like “Tell me about a time when …” Or, “Have you ever faced a situation where…?” These are both examples of behavioral interview questions. Before you walk into an interview, you need to be ready for every possible iteration of a behavioral interview question. Find Your Dream Job guest Gina Riley emphasizes that behavioral interview questions give you an opportunity to showcase your skills, demonstrate how you work with a team, and highlight how you’ll excel in the role.

About Our Guest:

Gina Riley ( is an executive career coach and leadership search consultant with Talence Group ( Her experience in recruitment, interviewing, and leadership talent development led her to develop a career coaching program to help executives clarify and better articulate their career stories. 

Resources in This Episode:

  • If you’re ready for executive-level coaching or recruiting, visit Gina at
  • To better understand your strengths and skills, and how your personality plays into your job search and career, check out You Map (
  • Nail every behavioral interview question in your next interview by learning how to prepare for them. Download 100 Behavioral Interview Questions You Need to Know (