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Find Your Dream Job: Insider Tips for Finding Work, Advancing your Career, and Loving Your Job

Oct 30, 2019

When you start a new job, you may think it’s best to wait for your boss to outline a clear focus. Find Your Dream Job guest expert Robert Moment says a better approach for the first 90 days is to be proactive about building relationships and achieving small wins in your first few weeks in a new role. Be prepared to ask questions of your manager or team members about current projects, specific challenges, and recent successes. Showing initiative in the early days demonstrates your ability to be a problem-solver and your capacity to make the company more successful as a result.

About Our Guest:

Robert Moment ( the Get Hired Expert (, specializes in teaching everyone from recent college graduates to experienced professionals how to interview and helping job seekers stand out, get hired, and make more money. He also advises new employees on how to succeed at their new job in the first 90 days and beyond. 

Resources in This Episode:

  • If you want more help in your new job, check out Robert’s book, “Starting a New Job: Career Planning and Job Promotion Tactics for Motivated New Employees” (
  • Do you find yourself applying for any job that you think you could do? Before you send out your next application, stop chasing every lead and get clear about your own goals. Our free guide, Finding Focus in Your Job Search (, can help.