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Find Your Dream Job: Insider Tips for Finding Work, Advancing your Career, and Loving Your Job

May 3, 2023

If you go into a job search with low self-confidence, it could affect whether you get a job offer. But the job search process itself can be demoralizing. Find Your Dream Job guest John Tarnoff is here to share how to be more confident by clarifying what you bring to the table. John has four specific questions to ask yourself- what do I do best; what do I love to do; what does the world need; what can I get paid for? Once you have these answers, you can approach any interview with confidence in the value you offer. 

About Our Guest:

John Tarnoff ( is a coach, speaker, and author who helps mid and late-career professionals achieve meaningful careers.

Resources in This Episode:

  • Are you in a career transition and not sure how to best approach it? John had resources to help you. Find out more by visiting his blog at (
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