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Find Your Dream Job: Insider Tips for Finding Work, Advancing your Career, and Loving Your Job

Feb 8, 2017

What do you want to be when you grow up? It's OK if you are still unable to answer this question, argues guest expert, Srinivas Rao. There's always time to change paths and find a more personally rewarding career that resonates with your passions.

Most people try to create a linear career path; each new job is a stepping stone to ever increasing levels of responsibility. This thinking is driven by the chase for money and the expectations of others. But the real problem is that a linear career doesn't always lead to interesting jobs. Our interests change as we age, so we need to create opportunities to explore new directions in work.

Choosing a job you enjoy allows you to thrive. You may get paid less, but you will be more productive, engaged, and happy.

Of course, money is an always an issue. When planning a career, consider what jobs may increase your long-term earning potential, even at the expense of short-term salary. If you are a recent college graduate or have been let go from a position, use the time to evaluate what matters to you and prepare yourself for the job you want. As Srinivas says “sometimes it takes a disruption to initiate change.”

If it feels like you are being herded in a particular direction to go along with the crowd, get a decent-paying job and settle in, it’s because you are. Social norms often dictate what people with normal jobs do. To find a compelling interesting career, you need to break the mold and focus on your own personal passions and interests.

This Week's Guest: Srinivas Rao

Srinivas Rao is the host and founder of The Unmistakable Creative podcast where he’s interviewed more than 600 thought leaders and people from all walks of life.  He’s also written multiple books including the Wall Street Journal bestseller The Art of Being Unmistakable.

Srinivas is currently working on his second book, which is about the creative habits and the creative process. He says, “it will be a map of how to create in a distraction-driven world.”

Resource of the Week

Ben’s resource this week is the article "The 21 Most Valuable Career Skills Now" put together by Money Magazine and The authoritative list includes which skills generate the highest increase in pay. They found employers willing to pay more for the ability to make sense of big data, the ability to manage the bottom line, the ability to leverage new technology and strategic thinking skills.

Listener Question of the Week

Jenna, Ben, and Mac offer advice to Anne-Marie Sheridan, who asks: “How do you know if a company reaching out to you on LinkedIn is a scam?”

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